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AAM Approved Fundamentals Course


Advanced Microblading Course

At  Modern Beauty Permanent Makeup Academy, we pride ourselves on providing the most advanced and rigorous classes to teach you how to become an advanced permanent makeup and microblading professional. Our hands on training and one-on-one instruction avoids long class schedules and gives you the most direct experience so you can begin your career as a permanent cosmetics & microblading artist. If you are looking for an education with the highest standards in permanent makeup & microblading, taught in a professional setting by expert teachers, then this academy is right for you.

Clara Medina-studio owner & AAM Platinum Trainer, has spent the last 4 years developing her one-of-a-kind techniques to become a great artist and to grow a successful beauty business. She is highly sought after by her extensive client list, and now you have the opportunity of a lifetime to learn Clara’s methods directly from the master herself!

Modern Beauty Studio & Permanent Makeup Academy will train and certify you with Clara’s exclusive techniques, natural-looking cosmetic “tattoo”, and micropigmentation application methods. You will also learn extensive, tried and trusted marketing techniques to help you grow your beauty business to a six-figure studio.

Become a Modern Beauty AAM certified technician and enjoy working in a field you love, creating your own schedule, enjoying a significant income (six figures are very possible!), and making a difference in women’s lives.

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Focused Training

Gain knowledge and confidence
with our AAM Approved 100 Hours Fundamentals Course 

Coming Soon...

Affordable Business planning solutions for the PMU/Microblading artist

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Give your clients extra piece of mind when they schedule an appointment by getting the Barbicide Covid-19 certification (and it's FREE). Let them know that you are current on all the necessary precautions during this pandemic. Show them you're PRESENT & CARE! 


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