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Hollywood Loves Us But What About The Rest Of The World

Hi Modernistas,

Finally found some free time to write a new entry (I’m not mad at the busy schedule though)

So, the world has been talking up a storm about the “Microblading Fixation” and celebrities like Lena Dunham, Rihanna & Jessica Alba feel it’s God sent. It is a beautiful & artful technique, with great benefits for qualified candidates. I do appreciate the Lena Dunham article in Vogue magazine so I am using that article in today’s post to show the clients experience and combine it with the artists experience.

With that said, please enjoy the pleasant article from Vogue Magazine:

I get plenty of questions from friends, family & clients about the different prices they find on the internet. My answer is very simple: “research & don’t be frugal!” In the past few years, anyone with a love for makeup & money attended a “microblading technique” course and decided they are now full on specialists. I’m not saying some of these people aren’t impressive artists (because I have seen great works), but I am saying that the technique does not teach the required fundamentals needed for this craft. My advice is very simple: Be warned when you find cheap prices online (you might end up getting what you pay for)… when searching for “microblading services”, make sure that they are certified & licensed (each state varies with licensing). If they are licensed, then you can be sure they may have insurance coverage and have been certified. If they are certified, then know that they have been trained in infectious disease control & health safety, skin techniques, pain management, facial anatomy, color theory and brow shaping just to name a few. Learning the technique alone does not guarantee the safest results for the clients. Clients should always remember, this is a permanent tattoo that will be on your face FOREVER. Clients must educate themselves and understand that they are paying for experienced & trained professionals with an ethical obligation to their clients (yes, we have ethics).

Let me end this with an accurate statement made by cosmetic artist Dominique Bossavy:

“While the technique is considered safe, there is a risk of implanting too much pigment too deeply, the body rushes to heal the incisions, which can result in an unfortunate blurring effect and even scarring. Then there’s the blocky, one-size-fits-all shape that is increasingly associated with microblading”


Modern Beauty

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