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2-Day Microblading Training

Join our microblading classes and learn the skills that will make you a certified and successful microblading artist.

A microblading course in our studio is a live event lasting for 2 days (9am-5pm).  No previous experience is required to attend. That means both beginners and skilled artists who want to learn and expand their career are more than welcome to join our intense microblading class.

As part of our course, you will receive a free premium kit and 6 months of additional supervised digital training that will earn you a MBNJ certification by our prestigious 

Modern Beauty Academy.

What Is Microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent make-up technique of shaping and drawing eyebrows by hand. The process involves creating micro-cuts on the surface-layer of the skin and filling them with pigment. This creates a natural look, while the shape of the brow is calculated according to the golden intersection and facial symmetry.

You Will Learn


  • Artistry of shaping eyebrows and using natural hair patterns to create realistic strokes

  • Client consultation – Proper evaluation of all client factors

  • Recommended patterns for different ethnicities and facial shapes

  • Basic to advanced eyebrow shaping techniques

  • Microblading aftercare and touch-up guidelines


  • Learn to match any skin tone

  • Practice on live models

  • Learn about pigment ingredients Pigment types and colors

  • Proper mixing of pigment

  • Skin Anatomy

  • Hair Anatomy


  • Dept of Health required guidelines

  • Keeping your station sterile

  • Equipment safety procedures

  • Bloodborne pathogen training

  • Contraindications: Medical issues that can prevent procedures from occurring

  • Microblading Equipment use and safety


  • Forms and management skills

  • Business location guidelines

  • Proper business certificates & licenses Insurance you should carry

Included strip micro page.png

Deluxe Study Guide

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  • Detailed course information including practice sheets and workbook

Premium Microblading Kit

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  • A deluxe kit that includes all of the microblading tools and accessories you will need to start your permanent makeup business


certificate graphic.png
  • Certificate of completion of Microblading course signed by owner-educator Clara Medina.

Digital Access

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  • Post-training access to Master Educator for questions and support

  • Beauty lovers who have a passion for learning and willing to learn only the best techniques

  • The woman who is dreaming of leaving their 9-5 job for financial freedom & ready to grow a six-figure empire

  •  Beginner artist who want to gain exposure with great quality work

  •  Existing artists who wants to build their skills

  •  Beauty bosses who want to offer the most popular treatment in the beauty industryand give your clients the best results

  • Beauty bosses who want more earning potential


A treatment cost of between $350-$1200

When treating 3 clients per day


3 days a week:

1 day = $1,050-$3,600

1 week = $3,150- $10,800

1 month= $12,600- $43,200

1 year= $151,200- $518,400

With Modern Beauty Academy, you now have the opportunity to empower people to feel beautiful, make your own hours, and earn significant income in a field you’re passionate about! Nowhere else can you learn the coveted Modern Beauty methods than from Modern Beauty Academy. You’ll learn all of our studio secrets that owner Clara Medina has developed thru the years of being a renowned permanent makeup artist.

Modern Beauty Academy classes are kept small to maximize teacher one on one instruction. You’ll get an in-depth look at the permanent makeup industry, do’s and don’ts, basic to advanced 3D eyebrow tattoo techniques and the latest safety standards.

As a Modern Beauty Academy certified permanent cosmetics technician, you’ll be on your way down the path of a personally and financially rewarding career.



Clara is a talented and experienced artist who really cares about and takes the time to consult and educate her clients and students on all procedures, with achieving maximum results in mind. She cuts no corners, her work is gorgeous and she is a true mentor and role model leading the way for new artists to find their grounding and success in this industry with her passion to create beautiful work and achieve total client satisfaction and desire to share her knowledge with new artists. A true blessing to many and this industry as a whole. I highly recommend her work and her mentorship for everything PMU. 

Smiling Friends


I have taken 3 techniques with Modern beauty and the curriculum can compete with the bigger companies. Their technique is really different and i learned all the real secrets I see veteran artists do that they never share. I am beyond happy with how my PMU career is now giving me a $107k salary. I recommend Clara technique teaching. I notices that they did teach marketing in every course and they tips were all current trends. 

Beautiful Young Artist


If you haven't tried Clara's courses, then you are not motivated to succeed. They are not flashy and are all about making sure their alumni's succeed. I learned so much more than i ever did with the big more popular schools. Clara and her staff are not the type to take your money ad run. You learn real techniques, they teach you real marketing for our industry and they continue working with you until you are fully functioning on your own & successful. 

Makeup Artist


I'm gonna try not to make this short but just let her train you. Clara is the most patient, caring and extremely knowledgeable trainer I've come across. She enhanced all her educational background and created a unique one of a kind system. I cant't share the details but everything from mapping, color theory, depth, techniques were covered in detail. she also give a marketing lecture that is priceless. I am on my way to make my first $75k this year. I am fuly booked and my work is great now. 

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